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2019-12-24: Last look of winter sun

2019-11-17: Wynd of colour

2019-09-30: Deep Thought

2019-09-29: Battersea - a reflection on Brexit

2019-08-10: Home and Away in Mahone Bay

2019-06-26: Knock Twice, Ricardo Remembers A portrait from the suburbs of Florence, Italy circa 1968

2019-06-05: By The Sea In Sicily This painting is inspired by a recent visit to Palermo, Sicily.

2019-06-03: Blue boardwalk Light playing tricks on a walking trail near Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia in September …

2019-06-02: Tenement Twilight The days growing longer in the Newtown, Edinburgh in May 2016.

2019-06-01: Sunset on the Central Belt, Scotland A long train delay in January 2016 turned into a an opportunity …

2019-05-31: Edinburgh Castle from Castle Street Winter evening in January 2018.

2019-05-29: Charlotte Square, Edinburgh Painted in January 2018. The midpoint between Summer book festivals when …

2019-05-27: Castle Terrace, Edinburgh A painting from a bleak and beautiful day in February 2016.

2019-05-26: Victoria Street, Edinburgh.

2019-05-25: Cool blue stones of the Edinburgh Old Town.

2019-05-23: A classic viewpoint in Edinburgh, painted in 2016.

2019-05-23: Scott Monument, Edinburgh. A painting from the long days of summer twilight in 2000.

2019-04-06: Learning. A painting based on a trip through Northern Italy.

2019-03-07: Interference #painting

2019-02-05: In the window at the Ivy. West End, London.

2019-01-26: ‘Mixed Wash’ My first painting for 2019

2019-01-25: Weekend in Winter, Trafalgar Square

2019-01-23: Ticket to play

2019-01-22: Wet snow, London style

2019-01-03: Monserrate Palace in Sintra, Portugal

2018-12-29: A brief video retrospective of my digital painting in 2018 2018 Paintings In Review from Bazza Canuck on Vimeo. A brief retrospective of my digital paintings …